Workshop Guide

How do I choose the best workshops for me? What are some guidelines for attending the workshops? Read on! Bear in mind that at some point, two workshops you want will be scheduled at the same time. Be Flexible! There is lots going on. No quotas have been established: we tried to schedule the workshops in the rooms we thought would best accommodate them. It is inevitable that you won’t be able to do all you want – give yourself time to enjoy! Plan to come next year for the workshops you miss this year.

Some workshops seem similar. Remember, each presenter has his or her own slant on doing things.

If you do not have a harp you may go to the workshops that are hands-on. Observe, listen and learn. You will be surprised that you CAN benefit without a harp. But check out the list below for workshops that do not require a harp!

Be considerate. Please DO NOT record, either audio or video, without asking permission of the instructor first. And if you are using a video camera, please be sensitive to the other workshop participants. Arrive on time, and be tuned up BEFORE the workshop. If you must come late, come in quietly and don’t tune – if you are badly out of tune it will be less distracting to the other participants if you play very quietly, than if you noisily tune up. Please do not take an extra set of hand-outs for a friend. This may mean that hand-outs will not be available for everyone in the workshop. Remember the Golden Rule! Turn off your cell phone and NO SMOKING.

What is the level of competence required? No one is going to make you take an entrance exam to get in a workshop. The descriptions of competence level are for your comfort and are very general, you may or may not fit in any of these. They are guidelines – you may not be comfortable in a workshop that requires you to read music, or you may not be comfortable in a workshop where tunes are taught by ear – you be the judge. Just remember that you can learn something from every workshop if you keep an open mind!

These are suggestions only and are not meant to exclude other workshops that may meet your needs. Some workshops fit more than one category.